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The Establishment

      Voika Co.Ltd. was established in November 22, 1992; located on 1083, 1085 Soi On-Nut 21/1, Sukhumvit Rd., Suan Luang, Bangkok. The company was designated to be the sole official distributor for “NORGREN” in Thailand, distributing all pneumatic products which was recognized by ISO 9001.

      In 2003, the company was relocated into a building of 3 units with 4 storey high at 2447/1-3 Petchburitatmai Rd., Bangkapi, Huay-Kwang, Bangkok. Mr. Karuhut Sangiampongchan was appointed for Chief executive office of the Voika Co. Ltd.

Company’s Mission

      To provide full supports and full range of pneumatic components for manufacturing industries such as electronic, cement, automobile and paper industries in order to maximize the production with minimum time in the process.

      In addition from providing product components, the company offers spare part for any replacements, thus designing pneumatic curcuit to enhance customers’ conveniences.

Operation Teams

Sales Department: consist of Sales representative and Sales engineers who possess full knowledge in pneumatic system and strive to provide recommendations and advises for product selections to accommodate each customer’s specific requirements. In addition, the company has co-sale who provides customer assistance and coordinates in facilitating customers and Sales team.


Research & Development: The major objective of R&D is to develop the products that can satisfy the unique requirements of each customer because the company realize and understand the customers’ point of view which aiming to maximize production activity with the cost effective.


Customer Services: provide repairing and maintenance services to customers, along with the suggestion for the usage and provide answers for any question arisen.


Storage: store and account for the product inventories to ensure that standard items are available at all time when needed; and prepare products and packaging to pass on to delivery department.


Delivery & Transportation: service customers in delivering and transporting products with instant and on time services.


Accounting and Finance: response for issue and provide all legal documents and billings such as Tax invoice, receipt and sales order. This department has taken into the account of the company’s profit & lost and all financial transactions.



Voika Co.,ltd.
2447/1-3, Petchburitatmai Road., Bangkapi,
Huaykwang, Bangkok, Thailand 10310
Tel. (662)-369-3595-99, (662)-718-1601-2 Fax: (662)-718-0974-5

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