Hydra-D energy saving
Ports 8 mm PIF
x = A  Inlet Flow Rate 5.1 Nm/h  - 3 scfm
x = B  Inlet Flow Rate 8.5 Nm/h  - 5 scfm
x = C  Inlet Flow Rate 17  Nm/h  - 10 scfm
x = F  Inlet Flow Rate 26  Nm/h  - 15 scfm
Energy saving dew point control option
>Monitoring of outlet dew point means purge only occurs when the bed is fully saturated, saving on purge air

> Integrated inlet and outlet filtration reduces pressure drop compared to external  filters
>Purge air for regeneration is only 15%
>Dew point monitoring  can save up to 60% during reduced inlet moisture loading

Patented filter/desiccant cartridge
>Water separation, inlet and outlet filtration and desiccant integrated into a single cartridge(can eliminate up to 3 external filters)
>Built-in inlet filtration improves flow distribution giving better performance and lowering pressure drop
>Pri-filtering of purge air prevents and carry-over of desiccant dust which can cause increased pressure drop and purge air requirements
>High density filled desiccant provides maximum adsorption capacity
>Easy to replace cartridge simplifies and speeds up maintenance
Strong corrosion resistant construction
> Anodised, high tensile extruded aluminium

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